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Linux packages for libfreenect

There are packages for libfreenect as rpm and deb available from here.

These packages provide the NEW api for libfreenect.

Ubuntu packages for lucid and maverick are available here:

Kinect chess board meta pattern

We got a first impression of the kinect camera system from Microsoft, powered by the libfreenect driver for linux.As you can see on the Image below, kinect uses some kind of infrared laser projection matrix, which looks like a chess board as meta pattern with different brightness in each field and a single bright point  at the center of each field (The single fields also seem to have some kind of coded pattern).

You won’t see this in the camera pics coming from the depth cam, as they are already processed and only show a greyscale image.

Putting a chair into the visible area, you can see it in the normal rgb image and the greyscale depth image.